Medici recognizes the value of stable and controlled testing environments. Medici’s innovative testing platforms include blood and tissue phantoms, simulated circulatory systems with pulsatile flow, and custom mechanical systems that reproduce the kinetmatics of human movement.

Optical Sensor Design

Medici favors a principled and methodical approach to sensor design.  We use a combination of simulations and experimental approaches to optimize light-tissue interactions, wavelength selection and source/detector configurations.


Data Analysis

Medici’s analytic services transform raw data into actionable information. Our skills span data collection and curation, signal and image processing, algorithm development, and in-depth model training and validation using a variety of statstical and machine learning approaches.

Project Management

Medici knows how to keep a project on target and on time. We develop project plans that are free of single point failures and always keep an eye on the critical path. Our team works and communicates efficiently to meet deadlines and budget constraints.


Intellectual Property

With any new idea or invention, Medici strives to identify and craft unique intellectual property (IP) positions. We have extensive experience developing IP and can help you  create value and protection for your new product in the US and international markets.

In Vivo Testing

Medici is well versed in all aspects of human subjects testing, from protocol development and IRB approval to working directly with participants, whether they are elite athletes or patients in a clinical environment.


Medici Technologies is always looking for new problems to solve and we thrive when faced with new challenges.
If your area of application is not listed here, please contact us.


Sensor development and optimization to acquire the best possible pulse signal via photoplethysmography.  Robust algorithms development for derived quantities including heart rate and oxygenation.


Sensor design and algorithm development for wearable devices that provide daily feedback to patients regarding their health status and provide early warnings of worsening conditions. 


Sensor design, clinical testing, and model validation for quantitative spectroscopic assessment of body composition related to fat, water, and muscle content, as well as specific blood and tissue analytes including alcohol and glucose.


Field testing, algorithm development and model validation to translate data from wearable sensors or video feeds into activity metrics that include stride length, distance covered, punch force, and paddling cadence.



Our name is inspired by the Medici family, who were prominent in Europe from the 13th through the 17th centuries, as well as the more recent work of Harvard professor Frans Johansson on the Medici effect. The Medici effect refers to the phenomenon that occurs when a number of talented, creative and productive people from different fields are brought together, enabling collaboration, innovation and creation. The Medici effect draws on the history of the wealthy Medici family, whose patronage brought poets, philosophers, scientists, painters and other artisans from around Europe to Florence, Italy. Bringing these talented people together and allowing them to collaborate is believed to have kicked off the Renaissance, a period of human history marked by great innovation.


Guided by the Medici effect, the Medici Technologes team is assembled to combine scientific expertise from different disciplines in a collaborative environment. The team is composed of experts in machine learning, human physiology, optical sensing, operation management, chemometrics, statistical analysis, experiment design, computing system architecture, and biomedical engineering. The team is led by Dr. Ries Robinson. Dr. Robinson has founded several medical engineering companies including Inlight Solutions, Lumidigm, VeraLight and TruTouch Technologies. In addition to serving as Chief Executive Officer of Medici Technologies, he is also currently the Chief Innovation Officer at Presbyterian Healthcare Services.


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